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Why Us

We believe we have a pretty good track record in identifying good technology. Indeed, most of the early stage companies we've identified tend to get bought by major industry players. We consider that being early in the technology adoption cycle brings a number of benefits to our clients, which include:

  • Bringing you solutions that will protect your business, save you time, improve performance, reduce your operational costs & sharpen your competitive edge.
  • We will always provide honest advice, good value & pay careful attention to the details to ensure customer satisfaction is not just a phrase, but a culture within our business.
  • We will provide you with excellent, experienced & creative impartial advice & will not give you any corporate BS! Plus, we will NEVER sell you down a path that is more in our short-term interests than your longer-term interests.
  • We will endeavour to be good social entrepreneurs & share our successes with the wider local community. Why not check out some of the charities we support.

Please try us - you'll find us to be refreshingly easy & straightforward to partner with!

We're only a phone call away - 01844 279992

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How big will your's grow?! From simple disk arrays to Big Data we have the right fit storage solutions to suit all budgets & needs.


We're only a phone call away - 01844 279992

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Prevention is better than cure!


Sirius specialises in new cyber crime counter measures. What do you believe the biggest threats to be? Rogue nation attacks or, cyber crime syndicates perhaps?

These are indeed considerable threats, but the biggest threats that we have witnessed many times over in large enterprises are the quadruple threats of:

  • Head in sand. Ignore the problems.
  • They are not that serious anyway.
  • Not budgeted for.
  • Hide network deficiencies in order to protect one’s job.
  • It is quite astonishing the threats we have proven to exist within an organisation's network & yet they have been ignored, suppressed, or budget hasn't even begun to be contemplated, let alone allocated.

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    So get one of these!

    We're only a phone call away - 01844 279992

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    No lip to be found here...only decent & proper service.


    Leveraging our preferred SOC (Securities Operation Centre) we can deliver the expertise, tools, infrastructure and outsourcing solutions that enable enterprises to focus on their core business without worrying about security issues.

    Sirius also provides audit & analysis services which will demonstrably provide you with efficiency gains and potentially provide you with substantial ROI returns. Show us your hardware & software maintenance contracts & we will undertake an assessment to see how much we can save you whilst cleaning up your IT real estate and/or contracts. We will happily do this under a mutually agreed NDA if you require us to do so.

    Storage Design & Auditing

    Sirius Consultants can assist you develop a plan to manage the one area of IT that continues to exponentially grow - your data storage. Firstly, we will need to understand what you have, what you think is good & bad about your estate & the issues you face. Once, this is understood via the auditing process we can then assist you mapping out your immediate tactical issues & provide you with a plan for your future direction. Also, because we partner with a number of leading vendors we can provide you with a more objective & independent view. As part of any storage assessment we will of course take into account and address (if necessary) your backup, business continuity and DR strategy. We can also look at security & encryption plus make recommendations on policy changes required. At the end of the consulting period you will receive full documentation detailing our tactical and strategic recommendations.  

    Maintenance & Licensing Review

    We can take the pain away from managing your software license agreements & maintenance contracts. More often than not time tends to fly by & the renewal dates seem to appear faster & faster, leaving no time to review & analyse whether the contract is clean or correct. Often we see clients just renew contracts because of time pressures without spending time reviewing their contracts. Show us your H/W & S/W maintenance contracts & we will undertake an assessment to see how much we can save you whilst cleaning up your IT real estate and/or contracts. As a by-product of this analysis we believe we will highlight potential operational ROI gains that you could achieve through the consolidation of older machines & contracts. We will happily do this under a mutually agreed NDA if you require us to do so.

    SOC Services

    Leveraging our preferred Security Operation Centre (SOC) we can provide a flexible and comprehensive set of management and monitoring services that can be quickly tailored according to any company specific needs. The SOC operates at the complex end of the threat spectrum, providing 24/7 Protective Monitoring in-accordance with HMG Good Practice Guide (GPG) 13 up to the highest level of risk (Defend).
    The SOC has been designed to be accredited to monitor systems handling information from IL1 (UNCLASSIFIED) up to IL5 (SECRET).

    We're only a phone call away - 01844 279992

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    What's the story morning glory...


    Sirius partner with FireEye.

    CEO John Corr states: “It is truly quite incredible what the FireEye appliances capture & illustrate on the fly & just goes to show Cyber attacks on corporates are well & truly happening on a daily basis be it from criminals and/or rogue states. I can confidently assert if you do not have FireEye as part of your Cyber defence strategy then you are putting your company’s assets and reputation at risk.”

    Data Domain £200k Win.

    Sirius Data helps dedupe another Tier 1 Bank with Data Domain upgrade. Using EMC analytics we could actually tell the client before they knew themselves that they were reaching their capacity limits.

    Sirius is proud to sign Unisys partner agreement

    Sirius is delighted to be part of the launch in the UK of Unisys' Stealth solution. It is a brilliant solution which "cloaks" your network & SAN's from being seen from the outside world. If you can't see it you can't hack or attack it! A very clever innovation from a grand old master of the industry.

    Sirius renews sponsorship for Big Curry

    Sirius is delighted to renew our sponsorship for a fourth year of the Lord Mayor's Big Curry in aid of The Soldiers' Charity. Get your tickets for 2013's event at www.bigcurry.org.

    We're only a phone call away - 01844 279992

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